To truly define what the M-Swirl Brand means, we first must dissect it into its two parts, the “M” and the “C.” At first glance, it may appear to look like an attempt to parade my initials, but the meaning is so much deeper to my clients and to me.

The “M” symbolizes an evaluation of a path through life, along with everything in between. Much like valuating a stock, every aspect of your life will have its ups and downs. The peaks and troughs of the “M” serve as a reminder that nothing is perfect or completely stable. If well prepared, the troughs can be reduced.


The curvature of the “M” demonstrates how we need to remain flexible as different situations arise.


The “C” is a circle that symbolizes life itself. The circle is incomplete because there are always adjustments and improvements in health, relationships and quality of life. It will never be complete because again, life is not perfect, but with planning that gap can be reduced.



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